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Castofly empowers educators to create digital content in a quick and intuitive way.  Driven by artificial intelligence and advanced video processing techniques, Castofly delegates labor-intensive tasks such as video editing, audio enhancement, and audio-to-video synchronization to the software. This dramatically reduces the effort and time required to produce premium video tutorials, allowing teachers to focus on teaching and providing students with the flexibility to easily engage with course content.





Castofly's proprietary automation algorithms save up to 60% of total production time for each video created

An all-in-one solution that replaces the need for additional tools, saving money on multiple costly software licenses

Castofly's video files are up to 100x smaller than regular video formats, unlocking a suite of collaborative features


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Multi-Talented Video Studio

Core Team

AI-Driven Studio

Collaborative intelligence!

Castofly would learn your style to minimize the workload and delegate as many tasks as possible to the machine!

Human and robot hands reaching out and t

Auto Edit

See what you want to see!

Castofly automatically removes any action/content that you don't want to be seen in the video!

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Smart Sync

Sync audio to video, no sweat!

Our state-of-the-art algorithms sync the audio to video in a simple and intuitive way.

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Master the studio in no time!

Tools and features are  carefully cherrypicked to create stunning videos with minimum efforts!

Flexible Videos

Travel in time!

You can tweak the video in the blink of an eye!

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Extremely Low Size

Share & store seamlessly

Our proprietary algorithm creates a file which is 100 times smaller than a regular video.

Lag-Free Studio!

Experience no delay!

Thanks to our rendering and low-computation techniques, Castofly follows every single action no matter how fast you move!

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Iman Moazzen

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CEO & Founder

Mitch Zimmerman

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Software Lead

Ishpreet Brar

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Business Lead

Mario Schwery

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Product Lead

Nick Lighter

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Marketing Lead

Catherine Li

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Software Developer

Zoe Gaouette

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Software Developer

Jason Xun

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Software Developer

Julie Sturgeon

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Applied Data Scientist

Advisory Board

Kush Bubbar

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Academic Adviser

(Prof at UNB)

Negar Ghourchian

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AI Adviser

(Director of AI at Aerial)

Julian Palmer

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Software Architecture Adviser

(VP of software at Evolve Biologix)

Soodeh Farokhi

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Business Adviser 

(CTO of C2RO)

Luis Serrano

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Content Creation Adviser

(Ex-Content Lead at Udacity)

Alexandre Desilets-Benoit

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Technical Adviser


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