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With all the FEATURES you need

Convert your audio-only content to a video with a few simple tools.

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Keyword extraction

Effortlessly have the audio converted to a transcript with AI to help improve your content.

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Simple but Powerful

Create, change and publish your videos in a matter of seconds (no video editing skills required)

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Cloud-based Solution

Our built-in auto save function ensures that you and your team members work are always saved.

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Highly Collaborative

Centered around collaboration to speed up the creation and review process.

Image of the Main UI of Podofly web application including, image searcg, audio room, upload audio, sound effect, main audio, background music, timeline
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Castofly’s UNIQUE and powerful AI

Castofly is the first of its kind AI to ensure fast and efficient content creation. No longer worry about complicated video editing with our user-friendly tools or time-consuming video rendering with Castofly's dynamic AI.

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Image of the asset finder (GUI) , Images, Gifs and uploadImage of Podofly's audio room, sound effect, main audio, background music, timelineImage of Podofly keyword finder in the transcription and text

How it works

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Upload audio

Sync your audio to the Podofly website for keyword extraction with Podofly’s AI

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Pick keywords

The AI will select keywords it believes is essential to the content. These keywords will serve as the basis for adding visuals.

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Add visuals

Attach images and gifs to the selected keywords. Have the option to choose and associate specific keywords and visuals manually.

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Once completed, share the video with ease, pairing and engaging with your audio content.

Watch tutorial
Image of audio room containing, upload main audio, sound effects and background music, timeline, record audio, and edit audio

Edit your audio professionally with Podofly's user-friendly tools.

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Cloud-based app hosting solution
Intelligent offline app capabilities
Faster app development

What our CLIENTS are saying

Our customer satisfaction is the priority in Castofly.

About Us

It really makes info concise!! I don’t know how.. but I fit an hour lecture in 10 mins? Crazy !!

Meaghan Charest
Postdoctoral Researcher, UNB

It is very easy and straightforward! Mostly without any information, I was able to find my way and make a video.

Corine Holroyd
Business Management Teacher, Lycée International de Ferney Voltaire

It does keep all the relevant tools together for educators to seamlessly create engaging content.

Heena Narula
Instructional Designer, Akanksha Foundation

Finally a software that actually replaces physical white/blackboards and yet is simple to use.

Dhaval Patel
YouTube Influencer, Codebasics (296K Subscribers)

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