Castofly TOOLS

Online video editing made simple.

Video pitch

Video Pitch

Video pitch maker to create, collaborate and iterate on stunning presentations with your team.

Ziggy brings any imagination to reality


Ziggy deploys cutting-edge Generative-AI technology to bring any imagination to reality!

Chat GPT convert answer to a video


Welcome to the future of Q&A: Ask any question and get a video response in a few seconds!

transcribe an audio file, edit the script, and generate subtitles!


Automatically transcribe an audio file, edit the script, and generate subtitles!

Royalty free images

Online Royalty-Free Images

1M+ beautiful, royalty-free images and photos that you can download and use for any project.

A polyglot person that can talk in different languages including French, Arabic, English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Polyglot at Your Command!

Translate your English text to the four most common languages spoken around the world and bring them to life by our AI text-to-speech algorithms all with one just click!

Audio enhancer to improve the audio quality and remove background noise: a headset with a yellow background!

Magic Audio Enhancer

The most advanced audio processing algorithm to automatically reduce background noise and hum, correct loudness, and balance dynamic talker all with just one click!

Result before and after applying image background removel!

Image Background Remover

Remove image background 100% automatically and free in less than 5 seconds!