What is better? Video podcast or audio podcast?

March 10, 2022
What is better? Video podcast or audio podcast?
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Video Podcast:


  • Can be more engaging to the audience as they are required to watch to understand many of the contexts explored.
  • Eye contact with the audience would bring a very personable feel to the watcher and form a better connection with those watching.


  • Would require additional costs for cameras and other lighting equipment.
  • May intimidate guests as the video would require more preparation compared to voice-only podcasts. 
  • Editing videos can be very time-consuming.

Audio-only podcast:


  • Accepted on all podcast apps compared to videos that may not be allowed.
  • Easily accessed and consumed and does not require the full attention of the listener.


  • Lack of visual aspect which may be important to many people.
  • A problem for those with hearing disabilities that may require text and subtitles to understand.

illustration of a man in a kitchen cooking and baking a cake, eggs and oil. steer

Having a combination would greatly benefit your podcast. Having a strong either audio-only or video podcast may reduce your chances with your audience and those who listen to your podcast. Podofly is able to solve this issue with its automated audio to video process. You are able to upload your video to Podofly, which will in return pick up keywords and convert those into texts, gifs, or images. This would prevent your podcast from turning video-heavy but also save you countless hours attempting to edit the video.

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