What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

April 18, 2022
What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

What is Basic Attention Token? (BAT)

The Beginner’s Guide

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising and rewards platform from the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum-based token integrated into the Brave web browser.

As many internet users avoid online advertising on the internet, Brave has developed a new, blockchain-based system to block ads, keep your personal data private, and give rewards for your attention.

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What is the Basic Attention Token used for?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) can be exchanged between the three parts of the equation between publishers, advertisers and users to improves the efficiency of digital advertising.

  • Advertisers will transact in $BAT to purchase ad-space and user attention on Brave with an improved source of user data;
  • Publishers and content creators receive new sources of revenue and more profits
  • Readers and website users experience fewer and better tailored ads while they will be rewarded in $BAT for their attention.

In other words, the whole concept of  BAT is to take money out of the pockets of advertisers to the website users who suffer through those advertisements while allows advertisers to improve their efficiency on advertising expenses as they have better access to performance metrics.

When you choose to view ads on the Brave browser (a web browser that’s similar to Google Chrome.), you will be compensated for watching ads with BAT Tokens.

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How does BAT work with Brave?

Brave is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile that blocks ads and trackers by default. Like other browsers, it is free to download and use, and lets users navigate websites, run web apps, and display online content. Brave is Integrated with Cryptocurrency world and the BAT platform unlike Bitcoin, ETH or other cryptocurrencies, is a utility token. The token is a tool to measure, reward, track and sell the user’s attention.

How do users earn basic attention token while browsing?

As you start to use the browser, you’ll get free tokens each month; as part of the tokens, the developers hold on to the User Growth Center to help engage new users.  When you open the browser for the first time, you’ll see an option called Brave Rewards on the right side of the Settings bar to activate the option to receive awards for watching ads.

once you do it, just like Google Chrome, it is only a matter of using the browser normally; With 3x faster page load times by blocking ads that track you, 33% less memory usage and up to one hour more battery life. And since Brave is powered by the same engine as Google Chrome, You can also import your bookmarks from Edge, Chrome, Firefox or a HTML file.

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Conclusion: Why Content Creators Should Use Brave Browser & BAT Tokens?

As a content creator, you can monetize a variety of content through BAT publisher program. You can monetize your video or YouTube channel, You can monetize your text based blog as well simply by adding the meta tag into the blog. All it takes is one-time account verification, which works the same way openID verifies your credentials.

After verification, you have to make sure people who make use of the Brave browser can reach your content. Creators who want to monetize their content without worrying about adblockers should definitely make use of the BAT publisher program in order to monetize their hard work.

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