Use Case for UX/UI testing

November 20, 2022
Use Case for UX/UI testing

User testing, or UX/UI testing interviews.

This use-case could be useful if you are a tester, or you need to conduct user interviews to collect that info from your testers. The former requires writing bug reports, and classic screen recording might require uploading large video files, whereas the latter require to be online with the interviewees at the same time. Castofly solves these user-testing problems, allowing the tester to record and report everything in the video format right away, focusing on the software only, and sharing it with the UX/UI teams (and other stakeholders) for the testing via a simple text link. All asynchronously, with no need to have the interview facilitator online, and with no need to report your experience in a text format. 

Testing and bug reporting without a video doubles the job required for testers to do, because they first need to test the software itself, and only then document it. Recording it as you test it saves time, because in this case the tester does the job only once - with Castofly recording their steps - and then simply shares the link. This link then can be documented and attached in the tickets of software teams to improve the bug, or UX/UI teams to improve the interface.

Who is it for?: Software testers, UX/UI designers.


Define what you want to test  => 

Open Screen Template on Castofly => 

Select the window or tab with the software to be tested. For web apps that open external tabs, we recommend selecting the whole browser window to show navigation between tabs =>

Start by saying the date, current version you’re testing, and all other testing conditions (like device, browser, OS) =>

Record the main testing, both your screen and voice are being recorded, so comment what you think and show developers tools or console when find bugs =>

Wrap up when done  =>

Share the video via Email or Copy link using the  “Publish” button.


Create your first video UX/UI testing video:

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