Most expensive video NFT’s ever sold!

March 10, 2022
Most expensive video NFT’s ever sold!

NFT is hitting the media and the general population in a sudden rush with OpenSea (one of the largest NFT trading platforms) having a trading volume of 3.5$ billion USD. The current trend of NFT seems to be largely revolving around different art forms and today we will be exploring video format and finding the top 5 most expensive NFT videos sold. (Feb 5th 2022)

1. CROSSROAD by Beeple ($6.6 million USD)

Beeple has become a celebrity within the NFT space on Twitter and Instagram. His dedication to producing a single piece of art every day for several years has seemingly paid off.

Artist, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, bought CROSSROAD for close to $67,000 USD in October 2020 from Beeple. After “hodling” for 5 months, Pablo resold the digital animated art for 6.6$ million USD. A mind-blowing sale that has shaken the NFT community.

3. Metarift by Pak ($906,709 USD)

Metarift by Pak - a well respected digital artist - sold “Metarift” for $906,709 USD. With a couple decades of crypto experience under his belt, Pak made it to the third on the list.

4. Charlie Bit Me by Davies-Carr Family ($760,999 USD)

Based in Dubai, 3F Music, bought the classic 2010 video “Charlie Bit Me” for $760,999 in May 2021. The video is still on Youtube to this day!

5. LeBron James “Cosmic” Dunk by NBA Top Shot 9 ($387,600 USD)

NBA TopShot paved the way for NFT to become more popular in the start of 2021. As the leading sport NFT marketplace with over $750 million USD sales in 2021, LeBron James “Cosmic” Dunk sold for $387,600 in February 2021.

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