Hubspot Podcast Network

May 2, 2022
Hubspot Podcast Network

Hubspot is a software company that specializes in CRM, sales and marketing solutions.

It offers a wide range of marketing and enterprise solutions using a freemium model, allowing users to use limited functionalities for free and upgrade to paid versions and services when there is a need for it. This model made the company really successful and they’ve been expanding their business to many different areas, including podcasting.

Podcast Network

A person wearing blue speaking (record podcast), A person in red listening

At a certain point of a user base growth and an emerging need to invest in other industries to diversify, Hubspot announced in Spring 2021 the launch of their podcast network. The mission of Hubspot Podcast Network is to identify and support new podcast projects and help grow and thrive via access to Hubspot’s wide customer base and partners in the software and digital marketing industry. Hubspot has highlighted that the median podcast gets only 29 listens, and only the top 1% makes it to over 4,000 listens. Hubspot Podcast Networks' idea was to help podcasters with potential reach their target audience and become commercially sound, by investing their resources in them and helping them grow.

Hubspot Creators program

Image of Hubspot creators

Earlier in 2022 Hubspot had announced the logical development and value-add program to their podcast network - Hubspot Creators program. Hubspot Creators is a business accelerator-like program which identifies not only podcasts with high potential, but more importantly - podcasting teams that are capable of delivering high-quality products consistently, are able to communicate with business partners and build a stable, profitable business model. Those teams are hand picked by Hubspot experts and receive not only financial aid, but also mentorship on marketing, business, production and networking. Hubspot puts a big emphasis on all these aspects, especially on collaboration opportunities inside the Hubspot podcast network.

This makes this program different from the likes of YouTube’s partner program or Twitch, because Hubspot not only provides creators with money and opportunity to earn income, but also by collecting and nurturing best teams and sharing success-stories and know-how with new cohorts of future podcasting stars. Moreover, Hubspot is working with 3rd party service providers to make sure that their podcast creators get access to the best solutions in the industry, understanding that different podcasting teams might require different sets of solutions.

Future growth of podcasting industry

Image of two people recording a podcast

The podcasting market was valued at 11.46 billion USD in 2020, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 31.1% from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand View Research. The growth of this industry ensures that more and more tech giants joining the game, such as Hubspot and Spotify, will definitely see new software solutions and game changing technologies emerge within the near future. Here at Podofly we closely monitor the podcasting market and the software solutions to ensure that we offer unique, best in class and useful functionality to anyone who works on audio and video content creation, so try Podofly today and share your feedback with us.

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