How to make money as a content creator: NFT for video creators

April 18, 2022
How to make money as a content creator: NFT for video creators

How to make money as a video creator: no video editing required!

How to make money as a content creator: NFT for video creators

Have you ever thought about starting a side hustle and building your self-employed income? Did you know that it’s possible to make extra money by making videos in your spare time? Knowing how to create videos and turn your content into cash can be hard to figure out. It feels like YouTube, with more than 2 billion active users, is the only option to make money as a video creator. However, the reality is that there are actually many sites that allow you to share videos online and earn money in various ways.

One of these ways is creating Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a video creator. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a unique collectible crypto asset that, as the owner of your digital art, you can gain by selling your work. As a video creator, there are a lot of benefits if you can mint and sell your artwork.

NFTs use blockchain technology to provide proof of ownership of a digital asset such as an image, audio clip or tweet. NFTs can be used to provide proof of any type of real or intangible item, including video, image, music, or a tweet. 

In this blog, we want to show you how to create NFTs, what video monetization is, and methods you can choose from to turn your videos into profit.

Here are 4 ways you can make money with videos NFT crypto NFT

1. Create and sell your Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) NFT

A looping video clip sold for $26,128.

If you’re a creator and that comes as a shock, then you can now see new opportunities for monetizing your work and explore the world of crypto and NFTs.

NTFs (non-fungible tokens ) have become the digital buzzword of 2021, particularly in the art marketplace and creative communities.

The good news is that to generate and sell your own non-fungible tokens you don’t need to be an artist or a programmer.

How to create NFTs NFT

To create and sell these new collectible crypto assets you can start creating digital assets from your cell phone or laptop.

Before starting, you need to select the content. NFTs can be used to represent digital arts including Video footage, Artwork, Gif, PNG,  Audio clip or Video clip.

The next step would be choosing an NFT marketplace for the buying, selling, and trading of NFT tokens. Here are the top NFT marketplaces: 

  1. Rarible
  2. OpenSea
  3. SuperRare
  4. Known Origin 
  5. Axie Marketplace 

For example, in Rarible and OpenSea you just need to upload your photo, audio, or video file and fill in what percent royalty you want to charge for each sale.

Then you need to set up an Ethereum Wallet and connect your wallet to an NFT Marketplace. What you need to know is that creating an NFT costs you ether (a cryptocurrency like bitcoin) to create an NFT. So to make a profit, your NFTs typically need to sell for over $100.

2. Create Video lessons NFT NFT

Many people think they don’t know enough about a topic to teach it, but the truth is, you don’t have to be an expert to create and sell an online lesson. You simply need to start creating training videos related to your niche.

There is a wide variety of web tools out there that can help you create beautiful video lessons without the need for any advanced video software knowledge.

Castofly is an excellent tool that we recommend for teachers interested in creating engaging video lessons in minutes.


3. Sell your stock footageNFT

Your videos can sell for a great price. All you need to ensure is that the video style has a high demand and would be interesting enough to be bought. If your video is in a style nobody wants, there is less chance to turn a profit. One of the best ways to learn about marketing needs is by going through the database of stock footage and analyzing the visual traits of the videos that perform well.

Where to sell your stock video?

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Shutterstock – Footage

Also if you are a teacher, Teacherspayteachers (the world’s most popular online marketplace for original educational resources) is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell original educational materials.

4. Affiliate Advertising and Selling Product Placement on Viral Videos NFT

Over the years, affiliate marketing has turned into a popular marketing tactic for businesses. Businesses pay commission to affiliates only when they drive the conversion businesses are looking for. 

To do affiliate marketing you can create and share videos on YouTube. The video will include links that track purchases to products that you review.  If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you receive a small commission for the sale.

As long as you have an internet connection and computer, you’ll be able to run an affiliate business from anywhere and earn a passive income.

Image of screens saying Youtube affiliate Marketing in 2021

Ready to earn from video creation?

Whether you’re already a video creator or considering becoming a content creator and seeking some effective places to generate handsome revenues from your videos, don’t forget to focus on your video quality and its content — “content is the king“.

It’s also because The more quality videos you upload, the more views you’ll receive, and the more revenue you’ll be able to generate.

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