How to improve the podcast

March 10, 2022
How to improve the podcast

We are going to explore ways to improve your podcast quality significantly. We want those who just started or are already long-time podcasters to have the highest quality of content for their listeners. So read below and elevate your podcasting game to the next level!

1. Having a quiet space

  • Ensuring that you record your podcast while your neighbors aren’t jamming their guitar and avoiding loud noises would be a good start. A good standard to record a podcast would be a small room with lots of absorbent material (acoustic foam, sofas, curtains, etc) while avoiding reflective surfaces (windows, TVs, etc).
Illustration of two people talking but in mute mode

2. Intro and outro

  • Think back to your favorite cartoon. We can all remember getting excited hearing it played. That’s why it is important for your podcast to have a concise and strong intro and outro. Help your audience remember who you are every time and let them connect that intro/ outro to your podcast.

3. Music and sound effects

  • Captivate your audience with your amazing voice and content but don’t forget the music and sound effects. Having well-timed sound effects will add layers to the audio and draw in your listener. Having a song for your intro or outro would also greatly benefit your podcast.

4. Confidence

  • People love hearing confident people talk. Talking about their passion, their interests, or even just a simple anecdote. Sit up straight when talking and resonate with your voice well. Make sure to do plentiful of research and be knowledgeable on the topic you want to talk about. Confidence is key!
Illustration of a man/boy person having confidence with blue background

5. Microphone 

  • Every podcaster has their own technique and preference for their microphones. However, once we get used to it we can often develop bad habits with your technique. There are two things to pay attention to with the microphone - the proximity and positioning.
  • Test around with your microphone with the distance. Physical proximity will affect the tone and levels of the audio. Different microphones will also have different results. There is no right technique so try to find what you believe is the best version.
  • The default position is having the microphone horizontally places to your mouth. Different tones and pitches can be achieved with the angle - aiming towards the mouth or tilting downwards towards the mouth.
illustration of three people recording podcast

6. Bring visuals to the table

  • Websites like Youtube and Daily motion have a whole new set of audiences waiting for your podcast. However, your podcast is audio-only and limits your reach
  • Softwares like Podofly (product under Castofly) will automatically convert your podcast audio into a video with visuals that range from text, images, and gifs. This frees up the workload of video editing while also helping you provide passive income.
illustration of a person using computer with two hands, video editing
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