Good Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text Right Now!

February 13, 2023
Good Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text Right Now!

Good Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text Right Now!

Manual audio transcription is time consuming and often tedious work. But if your purpose is to get the most accurate transcript possible, then it's time to break out the pen and paper! Sure, it might take longer than automatic transcription, but you'll be able to check every single word as you go along. So while manual audio transcription can be a drag, it's worth the effort when you need pinpoint accuracy.

Manual audio transcription is time-consuming but required to achieve top-notch accuracy!

But that doesn't mean machine learning and human collaboration can't coexist. Automated transcription has come a long way and is incredibly accurate, but there are still times when manual transcription is necessary to ensure maximum precision. By combining the power of AI with the eye (or ear) of the human transcriptor, productivity can be boosted and accuracy is guaranteed. It's a match made in productivity heaven.

Collaboration between machine and human can significantly boost the productivity!

At Castofly, productivity and accuracy are our top priorities. That's why we have built “Transcriber” to automatically convert audio files in English, Chinese, Spanish, and French to text and empower you to quickly edit any mistake. With speech-to-text accuracy of up to 95%, you can rest assured that your transcripts will be accurate and high-quality. Transcriber makes it easy to instantly transcribe audio into SRT files (time-stamped text), with its powerful machine learning algorithms that are designed to understand nuances in speech and language. Transcriber is the perfect companion for creatives who want to reach a bigger audience.

Transcriber makes it easy to instantly transcribe audios into SRT subtitle files!
Why using subtitles?

Subtitles open up your conversations for anyone around the world who may not be able to understand your language. Plus, if you're ever too busy to listen or just want to refer to key points later, you can easily search through your transcribed audio files. Transcribing and subtitling are great tools for making sure everyone can access conversations and discussions!

Transcribed audio files are easily searchable!
What is exactly SRT?

The SRT subtitle format is the most versatile and easy to use format for subtitles. It was created with both amateur and professional video makers in mind, making it great for many different applications. With simple text files that are easily readable by humans and machines alike, you can quickly create accurate subtitles that will make your video accessible to everyone.

Sample SRT file (time-stamped texts)

No one ever said conversations had to be loud - make sure yours is heard by transcribing and creating subtitles. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! So what are you waiting for? Transcribe your audio today and get ready for a bigger audience!  

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