Exploring Six Different Types of Product Demo Videos

Date Posted: August 29, 2023

Different business scenarios require different demo types to effectively convey the value of your product, with the ultimate goal to convert customers.

Let's jump into a comprehensive guide that explores the various types of product demos, and how you can strategically utilize them to effectively market your product:

1. Explainer Demos: Simplifying Complexity

Example: Dropbox Explainer Video

This video gives a brief introduction to Dropbox, highlighting that it provides a single and secure place for all of your files, using both graphics and animations.

2. Tutorial Demos: Step-by-Step Guidance

Example: Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - The Basics for Beginners

This video provides an introductory, step-by-step guide for beginners to the basics of using Photoshop.

3. Case Study Demos: Real-Life Success Stories

Example: Avison Young Case Study Using HubSpot CRM

This video, by HubSpot, showcases the success story that client, Avison Young, has achieved by implementing the HubSpot CRM platform.

4. Product Walkthrough Demos: In-Depth Exploration

Example: Shopify Product Walkthrough: Setting Up Your Shopify Store

This video provides an in-depth tutorial to Shopify, and how to set up a Shopify store.

5. Interactive Demos: Hands-On Engagement

Example: Google Calendar Interactive Demo (via HowdyGo - Interactive Product Tours)

This demo by HowdyGo - Interactive Product Tours provides an example of an interactive demo to Google Calendars, whereby the user can click through the various features of Google Calendars.

6. Sneak Peek Demos: Building Anticipation

Example: Apple WWDC Keynote

The Apple Keynotes, released periodically, provide an overview of the latest features introduced by Apple, educating users on what updates / features to expect with their Apple products.

From simplifying concepts to generating anticipation, each demo type offers a unique way to engage and convert potential customers.