Earning with podcasts through video platforms

March 10, 2022
Earning with podcasts through video platforms

Ever wanted to expand your income channels with your audio-only podcast? Read below for ways you can turn your podcast into videos and earn money through Youtube, DailyMotion and more.

The first step would be turning your podcast audio into a video. Editing a video for a podcast is extremely time consuming. Podofly (product under Castofly) offers a service that automatically converts your audio into a video with visuals that range from texts to pictures and gifs. This would change your concept of your podcast and help generate extra revenue without much effort.

The next step would be publishing your content on countless video platforms. Below is a list of platforms that would give you an edge where you should consider publishing your automatically generated audio-converted video.

Hat containing video platforms

• Daily Motion
• YouTube
• Video on demand
• Twitter Amplify
• Facebook
• Amazon video direct
• Envul
• The Vault

Above are just a few examples to start with. Always learn to diversify your stream of income from many sources.

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